Rome was founded in 753 BC, and is known as ‘La Città Eterna’ (the Eternal City). Italy’s capital city is famous for being the centre of the catholic church, it’s storied history & its university ‘La Sapienza’ (The Knowledge).

Rome is home to Italy’s largest university, l’Università di la Sapienza. founded in 1303 AD. over 120,000 students attend the university. However the total student population of Rome is 250,000 with many other smaller universities.


Jesus adorns the walls of walkways and churches throughout Bologna, but He is nowhere to be found in the hearts of most.  Less than 1% of Italians know and follow Christ.  Most students once believed in God, but have never heard the Gospel of grace and declare themselves Atheists.

A record high youth unemployment rate of 44% coupled with an intense pressure to succeed in University, Students feel overwhelmed and hopeless.  Spirituality was an interest of their grandparents, but most students are apathetic towards matters of faith.