What I do:

Alongside a team of staff, volunteers and students I introduce people to Jesus through conversations on campus, english conversation club and through weekly outreach events. I mentor and encourage new believers in their faith through Bible study, intentional outreach with their peers and fellowship. We send graduating students into the world to live for Christ in their future endeavors confident in walking with God for a lifetime.  I work on campuses across Rome, Italy with the Christian organisation Agape, known Stateside as Cru.

Why I do it:

During my study abroad year in Italy, the Lord interceded in my life in a transformative way. I had been living an unsatisfying life, determined not to turn towards Him for many years. Through Agape Italia I was impacted to rethink my life and relationship with God and I chose to trust in Jesus, not myself. Both Italy and Agape were significant in my story of coming to know Christ and I love being part of the Lord affecting change in other students hearts.

What it looks like:

I am fortunate to be able to join the Lord where He is already at work, in the lives of students in Rome. I love seeing first-hand how God is transforming people’s lives, and enjoy seeing the results of spiritual multiplication at work.